We went to Altoona, Iowa and had a Technology Student Association. I competed in Radio Control Cars, Rc car racing, and I also competed in Digital Photography.

In Rc car you race a fast remote control car against other people to try and win. In Digital Photography we take pictures and use a computer to change effects.





March Genius Hour.

For the March Genius Hour I made boots out of fabric by sewing with a sewing machine. The boots are red at the top and rainbow colors for the foot part. I learned that sewing with a sewing machine isn’t very hard and you can make lots of things.

I am now working with Hot Wheels car. I am going to build one out of other parts and take one apart. Then I am going to model how to make and put it together all of the different pieces of the car.




Philip L. Gans, Surviving The Holocaust.

On Tuesday, April 2nd we went and saw a man named Philip Gans. Philip survived the Holocaust and he was in Auschwitz 3.

The Holocaust was so terrible about 11,000,000 people total died. Philip was 15 years old when the Holocaust started and he is now 85 years old.

You will probably never see a Holocaust survivor in your life, but if you have, please share their name with me.


Location- Most people that live in Nunavut live by water. Nunavut is the northern most territory in Canada.

Condition- 85% of the population is Inuit. The population in the largest and capitol city in all of Nunavut out of the whole territory is 7,000 people. Arctic climate, no trees. The total population in the whole territory is about 37,000 people. The temperature on March 13, 2013 was -25°C.

Connection- To get around they have boats, planes, snowmobiles and four-wheelers.

Region- Nunavut covers 1/3 of Canada.

My Simple Poem.

As rush hour continues,
the streets get busier .
More people come and others get exhausted.
Some ride bikes, trikes, and cars,
and some are just sitting there.
Some are mad, happy, and sad
but like a light,
all of the colors are there but you only see one.
It may be a black shadow with a city of wheels,
but like the car it stands out and you should too!

By: John Jungers.

Skype Call To BC.

  We Skyped with people from British Columbia. This is part of our class.  We answered and shared only yes and no questions.

This class from Canada Skyped way different than others did because if one class asked us a question and we said yes they would go again and if we said no then it was our turn to ask a question.

We wanted to guess what their place was and they wanted to guess ours so when it became lunch time a couple people from our class went and got their food then when they were back the next few left.

We asked them questions like: Are there more or less than 100 thousand people in your town? Then we looked on the computer and there were like only 3 towns with that many people in British Columbia.

Most of British Columbia is mountains. Some people live in valleys, mountains, and some live on the coastline.

If you choose to do mystery Skype you should ask yes or no questions only, and if they say yes you keep guessing, but if they say no it’s the other class’s turn.


Today during school we played bingo with elderly people. We had prizes for the winners and we played for about an hour. We also had donuts and coffee for them. We had this bingo day because we needed to appreciate and thank the elderly people. We came up with this idea when we found out we needed to do something for the elderly for our First Lego League (FLL).

We had lots of fun playing with the elderly people. I thing they really enjoyed it.

John and Dustin